Western Imaging Group has the ONLY Fonar Open UPRIGHT® Multi-Position MRI in Australia.  The open and upright design means you do not have to lie in a narrow squashy tunnel. It also allows weight bearing images, symptom specific imaging, imaging of children without anaesthesia, and imaging of larger/obese patients.  This machine has been shown to provide more accurate diagnosis than other tunnel MRI machines.

Fonar is the oldest MRI company in the world, producing the first ever commercial MRI scanner in 1980 and headed by the man who developed MRI, Dr Raymond Damadian.  The traditional lie-down scanners to which you refer now were the result of his work and production.

The Fonar Open UPRIGHT® MULTI-POSITION MRI, one of 140 throughout the world, is totally revolutionary.  It provides far more than the traditional recumbent MRI scan.


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Appointments are essential for Upright MRI. To make an appointment, call the practice on the number above, or make an online booking enquiry.


Medicare has placed restrictions on what can be bulk billed for an Upright MRI examination. For full information on restrictions and pricing, please contact the practice on the number above.


Some Upright MRI examinations require preparation before the test. You will be informed at the time of booking your test if it is necessary for you to prepare.

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