Privacy Statement

At Western Imaging Group we are aware of the importance of privacy. We work within the guidelines of the Privacy Act (1988) and the Privacy Amendment (2000).


It is the policy of Western Imaging Group that all data and information (paper, electronic, visual and audio) relating to patients/clients will be treated with the utmost confidence. This included both general details and records relating to you but also with regard to your examination, subsequent results/reports and their dissemination to referring doctors. Collection and use of data for research, surveys and statistical analysis is included in the aforementioned as are medico-legal and insurance reports, as well as reports to the legal profession and other health practitioners.


All information/data released will be in accordance with the following;

  •  For the purpose for which the information was collected
  • For providing reports to referring practitioners
  • For providing reports to Insurance Companies and/or Solicitors relating to Worker's Compensation, Third Party and Public Liability Claims where patients have provided written consent for this
  • For referring the patient/client to another Health Service Provider for further examination where deemed necessary for their continuing care
  • For teaching purposes and clinical meetings, where names will be kept confidential

If you have any concerns, please let us know.

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